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Primary school intelligent broadcast

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Primary school intelligent broadcast
First, the user needs
My school was founded in 1950, is the Beijing Haidian District Board of Education directly under the public primary school, is the Beijing Science and Technology Demonstration School, a total of 58 classes, more than 2,500 students, more than 140 faculty and staff.
School construction broadcast requirements:
Each class installed speakers, you can ring regularly.
Install the outdoor speakers in the playground, you can do regular radio gymnastics.
Ask the principal to speak through the campus radio system.
The school has an office building, a 6-storey building, requiring office building corridor to install speakers, listen to campus radio.
Teaching area, office area, playground area to be able to independently broadcast, scheduled time to play.
Second, the user needs analysis
We design primary school intelligent broadcasting system program, will be in the "advanced, scientific and practical" guiding ideology. To build a campus intelligent broadcasting system in line with the needs of primary school, to achieve the "sound source multiple play, the operation of human nature is simple, play intelligent automatic, easy expansion and maintenance of" a new generation of primary school intelligent radio overall goal.
Third, the primary school intelligent broadcasting system function characteristic
Play digital music:
The use of computer multimedia technology, you can play MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI four common digital music files. You can get music files by buying music CDs, downloading from the Internet, and even recording yourself.
Timed Playback and Control:
When the system is in automatic mode, you can automatically schedule playback according to the selected schedule and open the corresponding power and partition according to the settings.
Music instead of ringtones:
You can play beautiful music to replace the original dull bells for the students to create a more warm park environment.
24 hours unattended operation:
You can set the computer to automatically turn on the system, Windows will start automatically after the system and enter the automatic playback mode; when the finished schedule after the last item of interest, will automatically turn off the computer.
Multiple care table management:
You can create multiple sets of automatic playlists, you can easily switch between the schedule.
Background music:
Increase the background music function, you can specify the starting and ending time, cycle, random play background music, very suitable for primary school, secondary school, park, district, supermarket and other places to use.
Fourth, primary school intelligent broadcasting system design
4.1 Front-end design:
The use of computer, deck, digital tuner, wireless microphone, broadcast microphone as a program source, compatible with the current format of a variety of audio programs, the expansion of the audio program to use the choice of space; use campus intelligent broadcast software and intelligent radio controller combination Primary school campus broadcast to the "sound source multiple play, the operation of human nature is simple, easy to play intelligent, easy expansion and maintenance" to enhance the campus broadcast grade and level; use stable performance of the constant pressure amplifier as an audio-driven equipment, effectively guarantee the campus radio Stable and reliable operation for a long time.
4.2 Transmission design:
Using the domestic high-quality pre-set with a fixed power amplifier as the audio signal power amplifier equipment, audio line 100V constant pressure broadcast transmission.
4.3 Terminal design:
Classroom and office selection wall / ceiling speakers, outdoor selection waterproof column.
Five, primary school intelligent broadcasting system principle
5.1 primary school intelligent broadcasting system principle
By the microphone, deck, DVD, digital tuner and digital broadcast host broadcast source, the output to the audio matrix switch to the audio output switch, assigned to the front with a power amplifier. Then, the use of 110V / 70V high voltage transmission in the audio line / power line transmission, ceiling / wall speaker, waterproof sound column to receive high-voltage audio signal, and by step-down processing, respectively, to high, medium and low speakers, the music Play out.
SB2010C intelligent broadcast controller and digital broadcast host through the RS232 communication, according to the program broadcast time with pre-set power amplifier power supply intelligent automatic management and control to set according to the broadcast list automatically open or close the different partition power amplifier, Intelligent control partition speaker playback.

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