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FM broadcast monitoring

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First, the user needs
 At present, most of the radio stations, relay stations and satellite earth stations are responsible for the transmission of radio transmission. However, most of these stations are not equipped with monitoring system on duty, just listen to a radio, in order to detect the loss of a certain way when the audio immediately, is a very important and arduous task. In order to be able to judge whether the multi-channel audio is normal or not in time, it is necessary to monitor and alarm the multi-channel audio.
 With the progress of the times, 3G, Internet, streaming media broadcast audience increasingly developed, put forward new requirements to the signal coverage, more hope in the mobile phone, the Internet can listen to radio programs around whenever and wherever possible, the need for mobile phone network, broadcast on FM radio.
 The owner of the ad on the radio, hoping to be able to check their own ads in real time or regularly have no time to play out.
 This requires a set of FM radio (radio) can simultaneously multiplex demodulation, monitoring alarm, timing / real-time recording system to meet the needs of a variety of customers in different industries.
 Two, the introduction of the system
 Beijing Hyteway science and Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional provider of integrated FM broadcasting equipment, the needs of our customers, combined with our many years of product research and development production experience, introduced this set of "multi-channel demodulation and audio column display, lost alarm, real-time recording" in one of the radio FM radio broadcast monitoring system. The system adopts advanced microcomputer control technology, SONY stereo FM demodulation, LED monitoring trigger technology, VC software programming technology, is the best solution for radio FM radio broadcast monitoring of multi-channel demodulation.
 Three, functional characteristics
 Can simultaneously demodulate 1-10 Road Radio FM radio program
 Column LED display 1-10 channel audio output status
 1-10 Road Radio FM signal real-time monitoring, can not reach the level of automatic alarm whistle
 Can be extended to 1-10 Road Radio output audio input, for days after the query.
 Four, system uses
 Widely used in radio broadcasting, radio station broadcasting, radio relay stations broadcast monitoring, satellite earth station radio broadcasting, radio advertising monitoring, FM radio broadcast FM radio broadcast network, mobile phone etc..

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