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  • 产品名称: NIO-T.R3 11cm Rubber Short Antenna
  • 产品编号: NIO-T.R3
  • Frequency: 76-108MHz
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • VSWR: Less than 2.5
  • Gain: 3dB
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Radiation: Omni
  • Height: 109±2 mmmm
  • Antenna termination: SMA-J
  • Maximum Power Input-watts: 0-1W

NIORFNIO 1mw to 1W Frequency 76 to 108MHz TNC connector NIO-T.R3 11cm Rubber Short Antenna for FM radio broadcast transmitter

The Rubber Ducky antenna (or Rubber Duck aerial) is an electrically short monopole antenna which functions somewhat like a base-loaded whip antenna and is sealed in a rubber or plastic jacket to protect the antenna.[1] Electrically short antennas are often used in portable equipment because a one-quarter wavelength element, necessary for resonance of a linear element over a ground-plane, is often too long for convenient portable operation. Many years after its invention in 1958, the Rubber Ducky antenna became the antenna of choice for many portable radio devices, including walkie-talkies and other portable transceivers, scanners, GPS receivers, and any other device where safety and robustness take precedence over antenna capabilities.
———-From From Wikipedia

Frequency Range:76~108 MHz


VSWR: < 2.5


Polarization :Vertical


Power Input-watts:0 to 1W

Height:109±2 mm


Radome Material:TPEE


Radome Color:Black