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Common knowledge of public broadcasting products

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1, the normal working temperature of broadcasting equipment should be 18 degrees C ~ 45 C. The temperature is too low will reduce the sensitivity of some machines; too high is easy to burn out components, or make components premature aging. Special attention should be paid to cooling and air circulation in summer.
 2, broadcast equipment avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid close to the heat source, such as heater.
 3, broadcast equipment used, the function keys to reset. If the function keys do not reset for a long time, the long time of the pull button spring is in a state of stress, which is easy to cause dysfunction.
 4, switching power supply, the power amplifier to minimize the volume potentiometer, which is the amplifier and speaker of the most effective means of protection. At this time the amplifier power amplification is almost zero, at least in the case of misuse and will not cause harm to the speaker.
 5, boot from before to after that first opened a CD player, open the front stage and back stage, starting when the amplifier back to the smallest volume potentiometer. Turn off the power off when you turn off the power amplifier, so that when you turn off the front end of the device, no matter what the impact of the current will not produce large and power amplifier and speaker. The same face to power back to the smallest volume potentiometer, and then shut off or put before and cd.
 6, the machine to be used. Can be used to extend the life of the machine, such as some parts of the body with the motor (audio cassette, CD player, laser disc player, etc.). If the long-term does not rotate, part of the deformation.
 7, regular power. In the case of long-term use, especially in humid, hot season, the best half an hour every day. In this way, the heat generated by the components in the machine can be used to remove the moisture, and the internal coil, the loudspeaker coil, the transformer and the like can be avoided.
 8, every time to wipe the surface of the machine with a soft cotton cloth to clean damp; when not in use, or the machine use dustproof cloth cover to prevent dust from entering.
 9, from the principle of electronics, any electronic equipment in the electric working state should not be connected or disconnected from other devices, this point I do not think that too many friends can understand the electric plug active equipment is very dangerous, even passive devices such as microphone does not advocate charged plug. Do not need to be reminded that the open power amplifier to meet the speaker line, because the speaker terminals are generally very close distance, sound box line is two closely parallel, often accidentally horn line short circuit wiring, the consequences will be quickly burned out. Although some of the power amplifier with protection circuit, but some HI-FI pure power amplifier in order to improve the sound quality, reduce unnecessary noise, often will save this part of the protection measures. As a result, shutdown wiring again, this sentence has become a must abide by the rules of the fans.
 10, some do not pay attention to some of the fancier in large volume and heat amplifier button put some bursting with music, it is in a cold state power amplifier element just boot, then let the current work will shorten its life. As a result, some fans in just half an hour to put only a few gentle music and listen to music with a moderate volume, after the machine to open up a large volume to enjoy the warm-up.

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