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Mountain flood warning system

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User requirements and system overview
 1.1 user requirements
 My county is located in the hilly area of eastern Zhejiang, influenced by the topography, geology, climate characteristics, landslide, debris flow, flood is heavy rains, and serious damage to vegetation, high mountains and steep slopes, prone to floods, mudslides, landslides and other disasters. And has a broad area, sudden strong, dangerous. The county has found a total of 78 points of geological hazards, last year, an increase of 2, and therefore should be particularly strengthened mountain torrents hazard points for a total of 80.
 Effective prevention of flood disasters, improve disaster prevention and emergency command, minimizing casualties and property losses, prevent Qunsiqunshang incident, decided to build a wireless disaster early warning system. In the county to establish flood disaster warning system command center, the installation of mountain flood warning early warning horn in each geological hazard points, set up 5 emergency command points in the LED flood disaster warning information display.
 1.2 system overview
 Beijing Hyteway science and technology limited company takes the lead in the domestic design, develop and launch flood warning system in wireless mobile network covering the whole country based on the. The system adopts the international advanced INTERNET, cellular network bandwidth, UTP/Gn access, embedded text to speech, LED display control technology, the design of the wireless set the Zhuanyu emergency broadcast "and" wireless LED display screen release "in one of the flood warning system. Fast, timely and accurate information, especially the meteorological disaster warning information to the public, to expand the coverage of weather information, early warning information to solve the problem of "last kilometer", improve flood warning capability, to maximize the purpose of disaster prevention and mitigation. Now the system has been widely used in Hainan, Hubei, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places.
 Two, flood disaster warning system features
 2.1 the function of early warning system
 Text to speech: support for flood disaster warning information text to speech broadcast output.
 LED display: flood disaster warning information to support text to LED display.
 Timing broadcast: flood disaster warning information to support regular automatic voice broadcast and LED display.
 Emergency broadcast: to support the manual transmission of emergency automatic voice broadcast and LED display.
 Broadcast settings: support voice male / female choice, tone and speed can be set according to need.
 Display settings: support LED display text scrolling speed settings.
 Number of settings: support voice broadcast, LED display information set.
 Identification: to support the identity of the sender and the identification of information, illegal information is not received and broadcast.
 Status monitoring: to support the real-time monitoring of the status of the transmission, the success of the information sent software has a clear hint.
 Peripheral control: power amplifier support automatic control function.
 Multiple text: GB2312, GBK, BIG5, UNICODE four code format text.
 2.2 characteristics of mountain flood warning system
 Wide coverage: China Mobile network in the country's 31 provinces and cities and rural areas have a good coverage, basically in the place where the phone can call the mountain torrents disaster warning system.
 Always online: the system as long as the activation of mountain torrents disaster warning system application, will always remain online, similar to the wireless network services.
 Quantity: wireless network billing service though keep online, but only when the communications traffic billing, low cost.
 High speed transmission: using cellular network bandwidth transmission, can support 53.6Kbps peak transmission rate, high transmission rate, fast transmission speed.
 Real time release: release and receive information at any time, and can be displayed regularly or immediately broadcast.
 Expansion Unlimited: in the country, as long as the wireless GPRS network coverage can be used, not limited by distance and location.
 Convenient installation: as long as there is a wireless mobile network, mountain flood warning system terminal can be connected to the power supply.
 Three, flood disaster warning system composition
 3.1 flood disaster warning system release platform
 In the province, city, county or town to establish flood warning system release platform, release timer / manual scope of various meteorological, flood control, flood control, agriculture, science and technology, government information, and through the air transmission in wireless mobile network.
 3.2 flood disaster warning system receiving terminal
 The establishment of flood warning system in the District, town or village will publish the information receiving terminal, LED scrolling text through the electronic display, and converted to speech (male, female optional) through the existing sound through loudspeakers (tweeter) play out. The weather and other information in a timely manner, so that farmers take preventive measures.
 Note: the speed and number of text scrolling, the number of loudspeakers broadcast voice can be released by the meteorological disaster warning platform according to the need to set.
 Four, the principle of mountain flood warning system
 4.1 principles of mountain flood warning system
 Flood control services / technology information staff, through the operation and use of INTERNET network access / flood meteorological disaster warning system, the flood control information, weather forecasting, geological disasters, agriculture science and technology, political approach, emergency information such as timing or manual release. To publish the information data packet, the TCP/IP protocol into the INTERNET transmission by GTP tunnel protocol Gn interface INTERNET backbone network and wireless mobile communication network docking, using UPP/IP protocol reported as bearing layer will flood warning system information is sent to the wireless mobile communication network.
 Wireless mobile communication network in 31 provinces and cities in the country have a good coverage, basically in the mobile phone can be a place where there is a wireless mobile communication network.

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