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Analysis of the broadcasting system of Wangwang group

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 Case analysis of public broadcasting system of Wangwang group
 Beijing Wangwang group general factory began to set up Beijing Wangwang food limited company since 1994, has added Beijing Wang Food Co. Ltd, Beijing biwang Food Co., Ltd. Beijing laiwang Packing Co., Ltd. Beijing Ruimai Food Co. Ltd., Beijing Wang Food Company Limited, Beijing Ming Wang Food Co. Ltd., Beijing dairy Wang Food Co. Ltd, Beijing lee-want Foods Co. Ltd., is currently a total of 9 production factories, a total investment of $about 80000000, covers an area of 300 acres, a total of more than 1000 employees. Product variety, including rice crackers, candy, snack foods, dairy products, cartons and other more than and 20 categories of more than 100 kinds of products, the main products are Wangwang snow cake, biscuit, rice Wangwang snow cake, thick black, black, burning seaweed biscuit cake, small steamed Steamed Buns, Xian, QQ waves taste sugar heart, want candy, jelly, jelly coffee, jelly tea, milk, dairy products, especially the new Nanyang Nanyang new juice, sugar and milk cartons etc.. Products sell well in North China, northeast, northwest, central China and other 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
 Support factory to manpower and material resources in the aspect of quality management, with a special quality management department, quality department, inspection and monitoring work is responsible for the whole process of raw materials, products, semi-finished products, finished products and production environment. Beijing biwang Food Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wang Food Co. Ltd. has passed the HACCP certification system of food safety; since 2004 the total factory of puffed food, confectionery products, beverages, dairy products, jelly products have passed the national QS market access audit and obtain the corresponding certificate; by the end of 2006, Beijing milk Wang after a rigorous examination, passed the IPP certification. Through the quality assurance and production of a series of quality management training and other measures, the Beijing general factory staff has formed a "next procedure that is my consumers" attitude. To achieve the "full participation in the management, the whole process of quality control; continuous improvement of performance, create first-class brand" quality policy. Wangwang group Beijing General Factory in all levels of government's concern and support, will actively develop new products, and constantly improve the quality of products, I believe the group will be better tomorrow, Beijing general factory.
 Two, Wangwang group (Beijing plant) broadcast system demand analysis
 According to the actual needs of the broadcast group (Beijing plant) on the actual function of the broadcasting system, combined with Wangwang group (Beijing General Factory) existing situation, taking into account the future expansion. Our analysis of the intelligent broadcast system is as follows:
 Beijing factory installation requirements: regional workshop, workshop, Wang rimalt biwang workshop, factory workshop, dairy milk Wang Wang two factory workshop, laiwang biwang workshop, workshop, workshop, Bao Bei Wang Department of experimental workshop, management department building, Wang packaging, dormitory, dining room and workshop the barn
 Three, Wangwang group (Beijing plant) broadcast function
 The main body of the broadcast system uses full digital, IP network design, including the whole plant unified broadcast, local public broadcasting two parts, the two organically integrated into a unified broadcast system. The functional requirements of the system are as follows:
 1, the broadcast system should be based on the digital IP network platform, and must have good scalability, ADSL, broadband, wireless, private network has good adaptability.
 2, Wangwang (Beijing factory) headquarters in Beijing radio broadcasting system requirements of computer operation, the realization of digital broadcast automation function unattended, timing the specified audio files sent to some or all outlets; such as: the tune of welcome, reminder, Wangwang group enterprise culture propaganda, the news broadcast, appropriate leadership speech broadcast.
 3, the broadcast in the whole plant within the scope of centralized control and management system, but also can be used in each regional workshop independent control and management, in an unified broadcast at the same time, the workshop can be selected to play their own music audio files, flexible independent broadcasting according to requirements: such as production debugging, workshop notice etc..
 4, remote monitoring of the workshop, the warehouse receives the audio content of the network signal is clear, and the volume is appropriate.
 5, the system must have good scalability, as long as the network is able to cover the place can easily deploy broadcast information points.
 6, the system can meet the flexible zoning, Beijing headquarters can be based on the actual situation in the workshop or warehouse as a unit to change the flexible grouping, can be targeted for specific content broadcast area.
 7, all networked computer can be used as the broadcasting system control point; control point access equipment, leader or manager, can accurately broadcast to every part, and all outlets at any place.
 8, the Beijing general control room broadcast system administrators and authorized leaders can monitor any point in real-time network signal playback content.
 9, IP broadcast system to meet the urgent needs of the broadcast, can be a key to the entire plant within the scope of the broadcast, to achieve the effect of timely communication in an emergency.
 10, the system supports the simultaneous broadcast of different programs to different receiving points to achieve multiple data synchronization transmission function.
 11, the system can be compatible with any original broadcast form.
 Four, system design
 With the development of modern city construction, the modern architecture has developed rapidly in the direction of large-scale and comprehensive, and the management of the large building broadcast sound system is becoming more and more complex

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