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Case analysis of Changan automobile broadcasting system

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 Changan Chongqing automobile Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Changan automobile), for China Changan automobile group Limited by Share Ltd under the core vehicle enterprises. The predecessor of Changan automobile was traced back to the Shanghai foreign gun Bureau in 1862, and entered the automotive industry in 1984. Over the past 20 years, Changan automobile adhere to the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, through self accumulation, rolling development, under the existing Chongqing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi 4 major domestic industrial base, 11 vehicle and 2 engine factory; Malaysia, the United States and other 6 overseas industrial base; a plurality of international strategic partners, SUZUKI, Ford Mazda; the total assets of 52 billion 600 million yuan, nearly 50 thousand employees. 2009, Changan automobile independent brand ranked thirteenth in the world, China's first, China's auto industry has become one of the most valuable brands. The solution of Beijing Changan automobile OBIC broadcasting system
 Project requirement:
 * according to the Changan automobile factory, design a set of digital radio transmission system 12 lines through the existing network system.
 All you need to design the radio factory area: production workshop is mainly used to notice, playing music work; office area and outdoor activities area, usually with background music and play some part of notice; the staff area mainly play background music and notice.
 By the design requirements of convenient broadcasting, convenient for the whole plant or a workshop for broadcast and production scheduling, dispatching room office.
 This factory fire safety is very important, the design requirements of fire protection broadcasting. In case of emergency, in case of fire in the factory, the broadcasting system should be linked with the fire control system to realize the emergency broadcast.
 Two, program design
 According to the actual situation of the factory, we use the existing network to set up the network broadcast system for the factory:
 The timing of broadcast, network broadcasting, high-quality playback system can realize audio and control signals of digital encoding processing, network terminal using hardware audio codec, with automatic correction function. High fidelity sound balance, to ensure that the decoded audio signal with CD quality, with the computer output of digital music has the same effect. Through the system settings, you can achieve unattended, a set of time, different music background music. The solution of Beijing Changan automobile OBIC broadcasting system
 - director of the office, the dispatch room equipped with network - IP-8003D microphone sub control system, Chinese LCD display operation menu, the factory can speak, can also speak of a certain area. Usually broadcast notification, production scheduling, emergency situations can be achieved when the emergency command.
 The function of partition management -- in order to facilitate the management of the entire plant will be divided into 15 areas: office area, 12 production workshop, staff living quarters and outdoor activities, so that you can partition or partition radio paging in different situations, to facilitate production management and create a good environment of plant area.
 Auto alarm or reminder system provides the interface of MES with the workshop, according to the needs of MES, automatically broadcast in different areas with quality, lack of material, equipment and other corresponding alarm music or voice reminder, for example, each unit Queliao voice request and technical support etc..
 The timing - music bell by the main control center management software, workstation software and workstation software led one of the three can automatically / manually set simple on / off duty time timing music bell task, it will automatically execute tasks at the set time, and can according to different working environment and set different music bell the bell ringing, the mutual interference between the task. The solution of Beijing Changan automobile OBIC broadcasting system
 The leading online speech - support plant management department online speech, without leading to special broadcasting center, only through the office computer, can be on the jurisdiction of remote speech using the microphone. Different managers may broadcast and notify their jurisdiction or other areas.
 The specific area of broadcast control software by setting personalized broadcast on a regional.
 The selected area for temporary broadcast - system can be used for temporary broadcast, according to need to choose areas such as a department in charge of temporary work arrangements of areas under the jurisdiction of speech etc..
 Live broadcast the same time / different regions play different contents by controlling the software settings, can achieve the same time in different regions play different content, such as music playback alarm station, 12 factory play music bell on / off duty etc..
 The linkage of background music broadcasting and fire emergency broadcast, network broadcasting system can fire control system, monitoring system and linkage, factory the usual daily broadcast or background music, the event of an emergency, automatic forced to switch to the emergency broadcast broadcasting system, give priority to the implementation of the emergency radio factory in each region, and artificial radio to deal with the accident, to avoid the possibility of misoperation in panic.

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