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Guangzhou Nile Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional, experienced and forging-ahead development team specialized in the development, production of wireless audio products, providing wireless solutions and technology consulting, and now, it has developed FM transmitter, wireless FM receiving loudspeaker box, wireless radio system, Bluetooth speaker and other series of products...


In the LOGO—NIORFNIO of the company, N represents simulation technique, IO represents digital technique, RF represents radio technology, one meaning is the perfect combination of simulation technique and digital technique to create wonderful wireless life, another meaning is to express Nile, signifying nature, health and life, as an enterprise full of high responsibility and dream, the company is always devoted to bringing excellent wireless product, service and solution for people, the most primary management idea of the company is to help people to achieve the dream of enjoying higher-quality wireless life via Nile innovative technology and excellent products.